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Indoor Window Treatments

Add value to your home and elegance to your windows with our indoor sun protective window treatments. 

We offer a variety of window treatments for the inside of your home including:

  • Blinds  (wood, metal & PVC available)
  • Vertical blinds 
  • Roll-up sun shades
  • Quality wood shutters

Our Products

Solar Window Film

Our high quality window solar film protects the inside of your home by reducing the sun's UV light by 99.9% and reducing 80% of the sun's heat that can penetrate the glass.  It looks great, feels great and protects your furniture from fading.  "The most effective interior method of blocking solar heat."(APS)

Window Sun Screens

Our solar window screens are an excellent investment for reducing energy costs, minimizing heat from entering your home and adding beauty and value to your home's exterior.  

  • Exclusive distributor of PhiferSunTex.  
  • Available in either 80% or 90% heat blockage
  • Resistant to pet damage, mildew & fading
  • Available in five different colors 
  • Easily removable for cleaning or in the cooler weather
  • High quality framing material